Integrated circuits design & services

Low supply voltage and extreme low power - that is our mail focus in design of integrated circuits. In most of the cases we design hybrid circuits with both digital and analog parts such as memories, microprocessor cores, AD/DA converters, optical sensors, communicational intergaces of various types and other.   

We have experience with design of integrated circuits especially in the following fields:

RFID circuits for frequency bands LF, HF, UHF and norms ISO11784-11785, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C/EPC C1G2

Contact/contactless smart cart combined with RFID technology on single chip

Development tools for RFID readers including application SW and subsequent technical support

Low power circuits for RF communication

Power management circuits

Single chip optical/laserov/wireless computer mice

Processors - microcontrollers and communication circuits

Complex SoC with, for example,  microcontroller, RFID and UHF transmitter on single chip

Real time circuits

Real-Time Clock with I2C or SPI Interface, Crystal Temperature Compensation, Battery Switchover and Trickle Charger