Dual Frequency NFC & EPC Transponder

EM4423 combines two functionalities on one single die: the UHF EPC technology used for long range application purposes and NFC used to exchange data in a proximity range. Both protocols may share a common unique ID.

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EM9304 - Optimized Bluetooth® Low Energy V4.2 Companion or SoC

The EM9304 is the smallest BLE v4.2 SoC available on the market and features a best-in-class 2.4GHz transceiver with state-of-the art receiver sensitivity, and programmable transmit power for optimized current consumption.

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Smart Beacons

All HW variations of Bluetooth® SMART Beacons from EM Microelectronic are compatible with all current standards: iBeacon from Apple, open AltBeacon and Eddystone from Google.

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Energy Harvesting

The EM8500 is an integrated power management solution for low power applications. It is specifically designed for efficient operation with a variety of DC harvesting sources including thermal electric generators (TEG) or photovoltaic (solar) sources in the μW to mW range.

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EM7180 SENtral Motion Coprocessor

The EM7180 SENtral Motion Coprocessor is an inertial sensor hub specifically designed for mobile devices. Featuring highly optimized sensor signal merging algorithms on an extremely low-power integrated circuit, SENtral is using 10x to 100x less power than a general purpose microprocessor usually required to perform the same function.